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Copenhagen RCC Projects

The Copenhagen RCC is located at CHIP, Department of Infectious Diseases & Reumatology at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. Projects falling under the following themes are coordinated via the Copenhagen RCC: 

Late Presenters

Hepatitis (6 ongoing projects)

Malignancies (2 ongoing projects)

Opportunistic Infections (6 ongoing projects)

For a full list of COHERE projects, please contact Maria Campbell.

Copenhagen RCC Staff
Dorthe Raben

Dorthe Raben, MSc
Direct phone: +45 35 45 57 82

Maria A. Campbell

Maria Athena Campbell, MMA
CPH RCC Coordinator
Direct phone: +45 35 45 57 92

Rikke Salbøl Brandt

Rikke Salbøl Brandt, BSc (hons)
CPH Data Manager
Direct phone: +45 35 45 57 75

Nina Friis-Møller Nina Friis-Møller, MD, PhD, DMSc
CPH Medical Consultant