Sending data to CHIP

The Copenhagen ICC provides the participating START sites with Case Report Forms (CRF) to be completed at study visits. START CRFs are also available at the
INSIGHT website for downloading in case additional CRFs are needed.

CRF data will be faxed to the Copenhagen ICC at fax number +45 36 47 33 49 or the country specific toll-free fax number listed below.

CRF Data can also be submitted to the following email address if you are able to scan the documents as PDF files:

Toll-free fax numbers for data transmission

Data are transmitted by using the numbers below. ECGs must be transmitted using the ECG numbers. For detailed instructions please see section on procedures or the Protocol Instructions Manual (PIM).

START Study ECGs submitted for the Annual visit should be transmitted to EPICARE via the MAC12OO ECG machine using the following number from an Analogue line.

If your site has now changed to digital methods of transmitting data, please contact the START Study on the following email address:

Country Direct CRF
Austria 0800292137
Belgium 0800 77 507
Estonia 8000045003
Finland 0800119063
Germany 0800 1808 439
Poland 00800 451 1423
Portugal 800845110
Spain 900 994 560