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    Presentations 2017

    The 24th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Seattle Washington, 13th - 16th February 2017

    Association between Cardiovascular Disease & Contemporarily Used Protease Inhibitors. 
    presented by Lene Ryom on behalf of the D:A:D. Presentation:  O-12/128, Thursday 16th February 10.30-10-45. PRESENTATIONWEBCAST

    Cessation of cigarette smoking and the impact on cancer incidence in the D:A:D Study. presented by Leah Shepherd on behalf of D:A:D 
    Presentation: O-12/131, Thursday 16th February 11.15 - 11.30. PRESENTATION . WEBCAST

    Poster Presentations:
    BMI and the risk of serious non_AIDS events:The D:A:D Study. Presented by Amit Achhra on behalf of D:A:D.
    Themed discussion:TD-4/693, Tuesday 14th February 13.30-14.30. THEMED DISCUSSIONWEBCAST
    Poster: P-012/693, Thursday 16th February 14.30-16.00. POSTER


    Darunavir/r use and incident chronic kidney disease in HIV-positive persons. Presented Lene Ryom on behalf of D:A:D. 
    Poster: P-02/653,Tuesday 14th February 14.30-16.00 (Session on ART and toxicity) POSTER

    Benefit of continous/immediate ART on disease risk: SMART and START combined analysis. Presented by Alvaro Borges on behalf of SMART and START.
    Poster: P-G5/474, Thursday 16th February 14.30-16.00. POSTER

    Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of screening strategies across Europe. Presented by Yazdan Yazdanpanah on behalf of OptTEST.
    Poster:  P-X2/1028, Tuesday 14th February 14.30-16.00. POSTER