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    Presentations 2017

    The International Liver Congress 2017, Amsterdam The Netherlands 19-23 April 2017

    Oral Presentation 21st April:
    Access to hepatitis C treatment in Europe: findings from the 2016 Hep-CORE study presented by Jeffrey V. Lazarus

    Joint workshop 19th April 10-11:
    Direct-acting antiviral availability and reimbursement restrictions in Europe: Policy implications for treatment of people who inject drugs presented by Jeffrey Lazarus

    ELPA Symposium 20th April:
    What is ELPA doing for the liver? Hep-CORE survey presented by Jeffrey V. Lazarus 

    The 24th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Seattle Washington, 13th - 16th February 2017

    Oral Presentations:
    Association between Cardiovascular Disease & Contemporarily Used Protease Inhibitors. presented by Lene Ryom on behalf of the D:A:D. Presentation:  O-12/128, Thursday 16th February 10.30-10-45. PRESENTATION. WEBCAST

    Cessation of cigarette smoking and the impact on cancer incidence in the D:A:D Study. presented by Leah Shepherd on behalf of D:A:D 
    Presentation: O-12/131, Thursday 16th February 11.15 - 11.30. PRESENTATION . WEBCAST

    Poster Presentations:
    BMI and the risk of serious non_AIDS events:The D:A:D Study. Presented by Amit Achhra on behalf of D:A:D.
    Themed discussion:TD-4/693, Tuesday 14th February 13.30-14.30. THEMED DISCUSSION. WEBCAST
    Poster: P-012/693, Thursday 16th February 14.30-16.00. POSTER

    Darunavir/r use and incident chronic kidney disease in HIV-positive persons. Presented Lene Ryom on behalf of D:A:D. 
    Poster: P-02/653,Tuesday 14th February 14.30-16.00 (Session on ART and toxicity) POSTER

    Benefit of continous/immediate ART on disease risk: SMART and START combined analysis. Presented by Alvaro Borges on behalf of SMART and START.
    Poster: P-G5/474, Thursday 16th February 14.30-16.00. POSTER

    Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of screening strategies across Europe. Presented by Yazdan Yazdanpanah on behalf of OptTEST.
    Poster:  P-X2/1028, Tuesday 14th February 14.30-16.00. POSTER

    HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta 31 January - 2 February 2017

    Oral presentations:
    10 years of HIV in Europe – what has been achieved, what remains as challenges. presented by Jens Lundgren and Ton Coenen. 

    Monitoring HIV-indicator condition based HIV testing in Estonia, presented by Liis Lemsalu on behalf of OptTEST. (Oral and Poster). PRESENTATION  POSTER

    Barring the Way to Health: how legal and regulatory barriers hinder modernising HIV testing across Europe, presented by Lisa Power on behalf of OptTEST. (Oral and Poster). PRESENTATION  POSTER

    Organizational barriers as an explanation for differences in offer and uptake rates for hepatitis B/C and HIV testing in three drug addiction centres in Copenhagen presented by Marianne Linnet on behalf of SACC (Oral and Poster). PRESENTATION  POSTER

    Poster presentations:
    Variation in ART-coverage and virological suppression among HIV key populations,
    presented by Kamilla Laut on behalf of EuroSIDA. PO1/14. POSTER

    Regional differences across Europe in advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis among HIV/HCV co-infected persons between 2010-2015, presented by Sarah Amele on behalf of EuroSIDA. PO1/16. POSTER

    Monitoring HIV testing guidance implementation in Estonia, presented by Liis Lemsalu on behalf of OptTEST. PO1/03. POSTER

    HIV testing improvement in primary care through Opt-TEST´s indicator condition guided testing: The Tool-1 and Plan-Do-Study-Act experience in Catalonia, 2016, 
    presented by Rossie Lugo on behalf of OptTEST. PO3/05. POSTER

    Availability of HIV testing in health care, community-based and home-based settings in the EU/EEA Member States, presented by Ekaterina Filatova on behalf of HIV in Europe. PO1/13. POSTER

    Missed opportunities for diagnosing viral hepatitis testing in Europe: a 25-country analysis presented by Jeff Lazarus on behalf of Hep-CORE Study Group. PO2/01. POSTER