2 day course on Cost-effectiveness Analysis

Join a 2 day short course on intro to Cost-effectiveness Analysis for Infectious Diseases at UCL.

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Free PrEP training

Monday 12th June EACS launches a new online course on PrEP.

The online course offers an introduction to the basic principles of PrEP, the studies supporting the use of PrEP, and clinical considerations related to PrEP treatment such as prescription, monitoring and adherence. The course will also include a module on PrEP implementation; how to engage community and key stakeholders, implementation experiences from France and the UK, and finally which future impact PrEP can have on the HIV epidemic.

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CHIP Newsletter!

Henceforth, CHIP will release newsletters on our homepage with regular intervals. Please find the first newsletter from May 2017 here! We hope you enjoy the read. 


PERSIMUNE Immunologic Colloquium 21 June 2017

The next Immunologic Colloquium will take place 21 June, 15.30-17.30
Department of Infectious Diseases 8632, Library room 3rd floor

Please find agenda here


PERSIMUNE Immunologic Colloquium 17 May 2017

The next immunologic colloquium will take place 17th May 2017, 15.30-16.30

Library room 3rd floor. Epidemiklinikken 8632

Please find agenda for the colloquium here


EACS online course on Clinical Management of HIV

6 week online course on Clinical Management of HIV.
Special moderated period 1 May - 9 June 2017.
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Two-day course on Introduction to Cost-Effectivenes Analysis

A short 2-day course 28 -29 September 2017  on Introduction to Cost-effectiveness Analysis for Infectious Diseases. Read more about the course here


Jens Lundgren receives the 2017 Hagedorn Prize

Jens Lundgren receives the 2017 Hagedorn Prize from Novo Nordisk Fonden for his pioneering and internationally recognized research on treatment for people living with HIV.

Press release

Novo Nordisk Fonden website (English)

PERSIMUNE Immunologic Colloquium 15 March 2017

The next Immunologic Colloquium will be 15 March 15.30-16.30
Department of Infectious Diseases, Rigshospitalet (8632)
Library room 3rd floor


CROI 2017 Webcast of press conference on D:A:D study results

Please find link below for webcast on the press conference on D:A:D study results presented at CROI 2017.

Webcast of press conference

Please find link for both D:AD presentations at CROI 2017 below:

Association between Cardiovascular Disease & Contemporarily Used Protease Inhibitors. 
presented by Lene Ryom on behalf of the D:A:D. study

Cessation of cigarette smoking and the impact on cancer incidence in the D:A:D Study. presented by Leah Shepherd on behalf of the D:A:D study 


Press article on recent EuroSIDA findings

EuroSIDA study finds that new cancer rates climb with age in HIV patients, but age impact differs by cancer type. Read the press article in HIV Treatment Alerts HERE. (Article 3, page 9)

The press review is based on this EuroSIDA publication from 2016:

Infection-related and -unrelated malignancies, HIV and the aging population. abstract


CROI 2017

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections 13-16 February 2017

CHIP was represented with 7 presentations, 2 oral presentations, 1 themed discussion and 4 posters

Please find all presentations here


Please see pictures from the HepHIV 2017 Conference in Malta below!


HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta 31 January to 2 February 2017

HIV in Europe presents the 2nd HepHIV conference:
HepHIV 2017 Conference: HIV and Viral Hepatitis: Challenges of Timely Testing and Care

CHIP was represented with 10 presentations! 4 oral presentations and 6 poster presentations. Please find them all HERE


New publication from the TB:HIV study

New publication from the TB:HIV study compares one-year mortality of HIV-TB patients treated for rifampicin- and isoniazid-susceptible tuberculosis in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Latin America. Read it HERE

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